Monday, August 3, 2009

Some Very Useful Windows Xp Hidden Programs List

There are so many functionality in xp such that microsoft does not require to put some functionality into the start menu or place any shortcut anywhere. it is not that they are not useful, they are useful but are used mostly by computer professional for troubleshooting because a normal user may damage system by using it(low knowledge).
they can be run by typing into the run(win +r).

Some Hidden Programs:-

1)Character Map
Type "charmap"
used for finding unusual characters.

2)Dr Watson
Type "drwtsn32"
It is a debugger used for Troubleshooting purpose.

3)Private character editor
Type "eudcedit"
It is used for creation and modification of characters.

4)Disk Cleanup
Type "cleanmgr"
It is used for getting free space by removing unused file.

5)Clipboard Viewer
Type "clipbrd"
Used to view data present on the clip board.

6)Group Editor
Type "gpedit.msc"
used to manage group policies, and permissions

7)System configuration
Type "msconfig"
Used to see and change the start up program(System programs + Application program).

8)Registry Editor
Type "regedit"
Used to change and see the settings of System application as well as Software application.

9)System Monitor
Type "perfmon"
Very important tool for knowing anything i.e., every type of resources whether it is software or hardware.

10)Network shared folder wizard
Type "shrpubw"
Used for creating shared folder over the network(workgroup/Lan).

11)File siganture verification tool
Type "sigverif"
Used to maintain the integrity of your system It will detect if any of the critical file is changed.
for example delete or rename your logoff.exe file in system32 folder it will automatically changed it back.

12) Microsoft Telnet Client
Type "telnet"
Used to connect any remote computer for file sharing.

13)Driver Verifier Manager
Type "verifier"
Used to monitor your drivers it is useful if any of the driver is creating problem.

14)Windows for Workgroups Chat
Type "winchat"
Used to chat over the workgroup/lan.

15)Check Disk Utility
Type "chkdsk :" //command line
Used to check any disk error on drives.

16)Computer Management
Type "compmgmt.msc"
it is the most important application as for as computer administrator is concerned because this contain all the feature that a computer expert need for troubleshooting.

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