Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tip: Creating a 3D Button in Photoshop

You can easily create a 3D button by following the steps given below

1. Create a new file, 100x100 pixels.
2. Use the selection tool, make a square.
3. Choose a dark foreground color and a light background color.
4. With the gradient tool set on Linear.
5. Click on the top-left corner and drag to bottom-right.

6. Click SELECT>MODIFY>CONTRACT, and enter "6".

7. Reselect the gradient tool.
8. Click bottom-right to top-left to draw gradient.

9. Once again click SELECT>MODIFY>CONTRACT, and enter "3".

10. Click on SELECT>FEATHER and enter "2".

11. With the gradient tool click top-left and drag to bottom-right.

12. There you have it. an easy to create button.

Reference from Jeff's Photoshop Tips & Tricks
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