Monday, August 3, 2009

Trick for Hiding your Entire partition or drive

Diskpart is windows inbuilt program utility, it lets us do many things like making any partition active, changing/assigning drive letter, creating MBR(master boot recorder), extend any volume, create a volume or partition, making any disk online etc. but here i m only telling you about how to hide your drive and also changing drive letter.


  1. First press "win+r" or go to run and type diskpart here and hit enter.
  2. Now type "list volume" to see volume available in here and "list disk" to see disk available in here(see the figure).
  3. Now to hide lets suppose my drive d first type "select volume 2" [for selecting my d drive for processing].
  4. Since we have selected my drive d so now type "remove letter d" for hiding it.
  5. Now once you have done last step your drive will not be seen in my computer[Some times it is required to reboot your system].
  6. Now to give your hidden drive some letter so that it will appear again first type "select volume 2"[my drive d].
  7. Then type "assign letter d" [you can assign any letter except letters assign already].
  8. exit[your drive will appear again].

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