Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sorted Months in a Crystal Report CrossTab

I was creating a summary report for our helpdesk system which shows the service engineer summary for a particular period . My output is as follows

Problem : - For displaying months as columns and it should be in a order as jan, feb , mar, april, But it was displaying based on the alphabetical order.
                   e.g. Apr, Aug, Feb, Jun, Jul etc...

Solution:- Inorder to achieve this

1) I changed my query to have monthnumber as well as monthname as two different fields
    eg:- MonthNo            Months          
          ----------            --------------
               1                     JAN
               2                     FEB
               3                     MAR
               4                     APR
2) Added monthnumber in Columns fields (Cross Tab Expert)

3) Sorted Months in Ascending Order 

4) Selected group label display as monthname.

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1 comments : on " Sorted Months in a Crystal Report CrossTab "

Anonymous said...

Very nicely explained article.