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                      Unique Processing Aid
                      Lubricating Processing Aid
                      General Processing Aid
                      Transparent Processing Aid
                      SAN Processing Aid
                      MBS Impact Modifier
                      CPE (Chlorinated Polyethyle
                      CGA series Impact Modifier
                      Acrylic Impact Modifier
                      For Thin PVC Foaming Sheet

            Our company was approved to be member by China Construction Metal Structure Association(CCMSA) in June, 2006.


            Our company was rated as the top 10 credible enterprise by our local government in January, 2008.


            Our company was approved to be member by China plastic processing association& profile and window committee in September, 2008.


            Our company was listed as the member  by China rural credit cooperative in January, 2009.


            Our company was rated as integrity unit by China Labor and Social Security Bureau in December, 2009.


            Our company was rated as AA level credit enterprise by China rural credit cooperative in April, 2010.


            Our company war awarded credit enterprise by China industry and business administration bureau in June, 2011.


            Our company got the title of unit with advanced quality and security by Weifang Administration for Industry and Commerce on June,2011

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