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            External Lubricant

            DONGLINTM External lubricant DL-74

            Product Descriptions:

            DonglinTM DL-74 developed by our company is actually a Multi-alcoholization fatty acid ester,it is white or slight yellow flakes and it is nontoxic and odourless,it can not be dissolved in water,but dissolves in tributyl phosphate(TBP)and chloroform,DL-74 has the excellent dispersion and transparency,it can be used to produce all kinds of PVC products as an external lubricant,especially for PVC clear products.

            Typical physical properties:

            Products advantages:

            1.good metal release property.
            2. improve the melt flowability
            3.without any effects on transparency
            4.lower plate-out.
            5.good persistence

            Packing and storage:

            25kg/bag with PP valve bag and PE inner bag.
            It should be stored in cool and dry surroundings with shelf life of two years,it can be used if qualified by inspection after shelf life.


            DL-74 is recommended for all kind of PVC applications ,especially for transparent applications,such as PVC shrinkable film,twist wrap film,PVC clear sheet and PVC bottle etc as an external lubricant.
            Recommended using dosage:0.4-1.5kg per 100kg PVC resin.

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